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To: Robinsons Brewery

Save Our Tree! The 80 year old Weeping Ash in Congleton

Save Our Tree! The 80 year old Weeping Ash in Congleton

We are signing below to protest about the potential felling of the beautiful 80 year old Weeping Ash in Congleton at Church House, Buxton Road, Buglawton, Congleton, CW12 2DY.

We welcome the investment Robinsons Brewery is planning to spend at this beautiful public house, however it is imperative that improvements are designed around this tree so that it is celebrated, and not harmed in any way.

As well as being an absolutely beautiful tree in its own right, this tree is an important habitat for multiple species, and a resting place for birds.

Also, trees are our natural allies in cooling our environment, literally providing cool shade and shelter, reducing flood risk, cleaning the air of pollutants, and of course generating oxgygen and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, crucial in the fight against global heating.

We need to protect the trees that are established as well as planting new trees, every tree and every leaf counts!

We thank you for your support in not felling this beautiful tree.

Why is this important?

Please join us to protest about the potential felling of the Weeping Ash at Church House, Buglawton, Congleton. This tree is a beautiful and healthy tree which is a real asset to our town.

How it will be delivered


Buglawton, Congleton CW12, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Because this is the sort of issue that councils should consult the people they are supposed to represent about by referendum to ensure they are truly acting according to their wishes and not in response to their own personal ideas or motivations


2021-08-14 17:19:36 +0100

25 signatures reached

2021-08-14 08:33:08 +0100

Great news! Robinsons Brewery have now decided Not to fell the tree!

2021-08-13 12:46:03 +0100

10 signatures reached