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To: Torfaen Council

Save our Vital Grassland Habitat in Llantarnam

Save our Vital Grassland Habitat in Llantarnam

We the undersigned request that Torfaen Council:

1. Immediately stop any plans to cut the grass and destroy this habitat.
2. Recognise this land as vital rewilded habitat and commit to leave it alone (aside from path maintenance and removal of invasive species) for the future well-being of both the nature and people in the area.
3. Do not commit to any further such grass cutting or building of artificial pitches without first consulting with local residents first.

Why is this important?

The local councillors for Llantarnam ward have decided they want to destroy a vital grassland habitat without consulting constituents first. The old Llantarnam school rugby fields have been left to rewild for many years now. There is no access issues with the field already having a path around the perimeter and this destruction can’t be justified by any safety issues. The area is currently supporting an abundance of wildlife from insects to small mammals/birds and is providing a perfect hunting ground for Owls that are struggling in other areas of Wales due to a lack of grassland that has been left to rewild like this.

The area is also now home to many wildflower species that are supporting local pollinators. The fact it has been left to rewild for so long also means that saplings including Oak trees have started to grow here. It would be a travesty to destroy this vital and unique habitat. The Llantarnam ward already has an abundance of open green fields and sports fields for people to use but what it doesn’t have is another large habitat like this that has been left alone to rewild.

Destroying this habitat would go against Torfaen councils own self declared Nature Emergency. The benefits of the rewilding the area also don’t just stop at the benefits for nature. Access to nature has proven benefits for peoples mental and physical well-being and many residents have already told me that this areas destruction would impact them greatly. This site needs to designated as Local Nature Reserve (LNR) by the council for its amazing biodiversity.

This area is vital and unique habitat that has benefits both for nature and for people. Destroying an area that has been left to rewild for this long would go against the councils own self declared nature emergency.

Torfaen Principal Area, UK

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2022-08-11 14:13:05 +0100

300 signatures reached! Thank you all so much! Remember to share with friends and tell people about it in person. Let’s keep the pressure on TCBC to protect this vital habitat up!

2022-08-05 14:17:02 +0100

200 online signatures up and rising let’s keep it going to make the council understand the importance of this site.

2022-08-02 20:50:53 +0100

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2022-08-01 21:28:47 +0100

Thank you all for signing! It’s great to see it has reached 50 in such a short span of time. Please remember to also share to you friends so that they can sign. Let’s not them get away with this destruction!

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