To: Health Minister, Jeremy Hunt & NHS Thanet CCG

Save our A&E unit at Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital, Margate.

Save our A&E unit at Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital, Margate.

Abstain from downgrading or cutting completely the Accident & Emergency services at Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital

Why is this important?

There is a plan to close the A&E unit and centralise A&E facilities at Canterbury.

This will risk the lives of the people who need this vital service. The time taken to travel to Canterbury from Thanet could mean the difference between life and death to those who are ill or involved in accidents.

I have a special needs son, who has global learning difficulties and severe epilepsy. When he suffers from epileptic fits, we often have to use the A&E facility at Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital. I am sure that there are many others, who are in a similar situation, and need to do likewise.

I have started an online petition, to be sent to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, in order to try and save our A&E unit at Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital, Margate.

This A&E unit is vitally important to the people of Thanet. Transferring services to Canterbury or Ashford would cost lives.

Thanet, Kent.

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Reasons for signing

  • I cannot believe that anybody would consider this proposal! Let's hope they are not serious. John F
  • I’ve signed as I have been taken to the A and E Department several times whilst attending Dane Court School. The last thing you need is a long journey in abject pain to Canterbury. You closed Ramsgate A and E years ago, don’t let the same thing happen to this one.
  • You never know if you may need to use A and E.. Poor folk who dont have cars will DIE,as they wont be able to get to CANTERBURY,BUT THATS WHAT THEY WANT.


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