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To: Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust Board

Save Princess Alexandra Hospital Domestics

Save Princess Alexandra  Hospital Domestics

To stop out sourcing our Domestic team and work with our Domestics to give us a chance to improve the quality of our hospital and to put the money into us instead of out sourcing it to other markets.

Why is this important?

We as a team have worked in house for the hospital some for over 25yrs. We work hard to meet the standards of cleanliness that is required. Not only that we have a repour with the staff throughout the hospital. Doctors, Nursing and HCA trust us and our ability to do our jobs to the highest of standards. It's our lively hood and we think it's only fair that we have the right to fight for our jobs to stay in house.


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Reasons for signing

  • Domestic services are a vital part of the NHS, they should be respected and remain within the NHS. Enough of NHS privatisation - it just ends up costing more!
  • I signed because the NHS must be a publicly owned, financed and run health service with government responsible for healthcare.
  • Stop this privatisation of our NHS. Keep our standards up by keeping control!


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