To: Leader Cheshire East Council

Save Public Green Recreational Playing field Higher Downs Longridge

Save Public Green Recreational Playing field Higher Downs Longridge

Say no to the decision in the forward plan, to consult on, and delegate authority to Portfolio Holder, for Regeneration & assets & Director of Place, to dispose of public open space in Knutsford.

Why is this important?

This land is public green open recreational playing field space, in the green belt, as identified in CEC Local plan. It goes against Local and National planning policy to sell it. Football, dog walking, blackberrying. There for families to be active & healthy outdoors on their doorstep. It would be a massive vote loser in the area, local politicians are opposed to the sale which had been progressing in secret.

Knutsford Cheshire


Reasons for signing

  • The playing fields are a valuable asset to the community of Knutsford. Green space is essential for the health and well being of our children as gardens are becoming smaller and children need space to play. Many people in the community have pets that they walk and this area provides health benefits for both pets and their owners.
  • This area of green space is valuable to the people of Knutsford, a part of their lives and recreation for many, many years. It is too important to fall into the hands of cynical, greedy developers and lost under tons of bricks and tarmac. It can never be replaced. People who are sick to the teeth of seeing CheshireEast towns and villages trashed for profit. Playing fields are meant to be protected so how can a council sell something in the teeth of national and local planning policy.
  • A piece of land which should be kept as it is - a rare sight in our now ever growing town, too many uses , too valuable to loose. Housebuilders are way too greedy! Plenty of brown belt can be invested in if they use there profits elsewhere! Leave Knutsford to try and cope with an already busy infastructure as it is and let the locals have some green space to play on, walk dogs on, let wildlife roam etc.


2017-09-09 18:18:57 +0100

Looking forward to the Town Council meeting on Monday 18th September to get their full support in our discussions with Cheshire East Council. We will be presenting our paper signatures from our door to door collection. Hot press - the Knutsford Residents in Over Ward group - KROW has been formed. Meeting in the Legh Arms after the Council meeting.

2017-08-29 17:11:41 +0100

Fabulous turnout of people and dogs for the photo shoot today. Look out for the story in the Knutsford Guardian. Put the 18th September Monday 7pm in your diary as we need lots of people to turn up to Knutsford Town Council and hear what they and the Cheshire East Councillors are going to do!

2017-08-25 05:01:55 +0100

100 signatures reached

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