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To: Wirral Borough Council

Save Rock Ferry High School And Woodlands

Save Rock Ferry High School And Woodlands

The community values its heritage & green spaces. We petition the Council to consider our views and not demolish and sell-off Rock Ferry High School buildings, the Cinder Path, the playing fields and woodlands.

Why is this important?

The aim of this is to gather support to save the old Rock Ferry High School and its surrounding environment from demolition and sell-off.

Many residents have been informed about the intended demolition of the school buildings and the selling off of the playing fields and woodlands, while it appears, many more have not.

Why is the RFHS & woodlands site worth saving?

The oldest part of the school is Ravenswood House (built 1874 in the Gothic Revival style) is Grade II listed. The woodland area boasts a number of species. The site is the last open green space in the Rock Ferry area which is still used by the local community. More schools will be needed in the future, not less.

There is a very short space of time to gather support and save the site.

Perhaps you live in the area and oppose the proposed demolition? Perhaps you were a pupil or a teacher at the school and have memories of the site, or maybe you use the fields for recreational purposes?

Please invite your family and friends to sign this petition and offer support in any way you can to save the site.


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