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To: Harrogate Borough Council

Save Rotary Wood in Harrogate!

Save Rotary Wood in Harrogate!

- Say No to destroying acres of local woodland planted by school children and designated an Asset of Community Value.
- Don't sell off community land for multinational business Danone to make more profits.
- Save our wildlife; help increase biodiversity not destroy it!
- Stop the planned additional extraction of local water
- Prevent the production of more plastic bottles polluting our land and oceans, and stop the increase of micro-plastics in humans and animals
- Save trees and help to absorb carbon emissions - don't go against your own action plans to increase tree cover!

Why is this important?

- Communities should have a REAL say in the places they live - save our land!
- Our wildlife is in decline, we need to do everything we can to protect it.
- Nature is vital for healthy ecosystems, food production and human
- Harrogate District has 8% woodland cover compared to a national average of 12% and a European average of 36%.
- Woodland planted by the community and destroyed by our own council and business gives the wrong message to children.
- The Climate crisis is urgent and we need to reduce carbon emissions. Woodlands absorb carbon and destroying them goes against the Council's own carbon reduction plans.
- People and planet over profit.



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