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To: Vince Cable MP Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills and Michael Fallon MP Minister for Business & Enterprise


We are calling on you to halt the proposed sale of Royal Mail and keep it in public hands.

Why is this important?

Royal Mail is part of the fabric of the nation – we don’t want to see it ripped apart. The Government has announced that it plans to sell off the Royal Mail later this year either through issuing shares or potentially a private sale which could be to a private equity company.

Royal Mail provides a hugely valued universal service. It charges the same to post a letter from Aberdeen to Penzance as it does from London to Manchester. This along with
free postal services for our service men and women as well as vulnerable groups could disappear.

Not only that, but it provides a lifeline to rural communities. Post Offices are often the cornerstones of remote villages, and provide the space for residents to meet and conduct their affairs, particularly for older people.

And Royal Mail makes a profit. £403 million to be precise. It is an asset to the UK, worth an estimated £20 billion. But the government wants to sell it off, for just £3 billion.

The government is giving away a public utility so that large corporations can turn a profit. The public has not been consulted about this, it was not in any party manifesto. The sell-off is a travesty that must be stopped.

Sign our petition, share it amongst your friends, and let’s keep the Post Office public.



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