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To: Swindon Borough Council

Save rural South Swindon from developers

Reject planning application S/OUT/18/1943

Why is this important?

Many people visit our villages for recreational reasons; socialising, sport, horse riding, cycling, running, walking their dogs. This development will change the nature of the villages we all enjoy for ever and, unfortunately, hindsight will be too late.

Please help us to protect our villages so that we can all enjoy them. And, do get involved in the fight – we need to stand together.

The developers mean business with this proposal. Big business with huge budgets, expert planning & development consultants and a dedicated PR company. They are trying to sell us the concept of a 'Science Park' on the edge of Wanborough. It isn’t. It’s an industrial (distribution & manufacturing) site, which is as large as the village of Wanborough itself.

It flies in the face of the agreed non-coalesence zone, which was specifically set up to protect Wanborough, Bishopstone & Bourton from being urbanised. This area has not been included in the Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) and it borders the North Wessex Downs ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’.

How it will be delivered

This online petition will be combined with any paper signatures and delivered to the SBC planning department as part of SSPG's objections to the planning proposal


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