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To: Sunderland City Council

Save Sea Road Supermarket Site - Sunderland

Save Sea Road Supermarket Site - Sunderland

The city's councillors should take account of how traders on Sea Road and people who live or work in the Sea Road area of Fulwell are suffering due to the recent loss of the main retailer. They don't want Sea Road to decline in the same way as similar shopping centres in Sunderland and other towns and cities in Britain. The paper petition, started in December 2021 says: "We, the undersigned, are... particularly concerned by the loss of convenience experienced by elderly and disabled people and the impact upon those who do not have ready access to private motor vehicles."

Why is this important?

You don't have to be a regular Sea Road shopper to want the place to thrive. It serves people of all ages and it's a thoroughfare from Seaburn Metro to the beach, especially in summer. The paper version of the petition also says:
"We are also concerned that, at a time when there is a need to reduce vehicle emissions, people will be forced to make additional car journeys because they no longer have a store that sells a wide range of reliable quality goods within easy walking distance."

How it will be delivered

At the start of February, we will deliver the petition to the nine local councillors from Fulwell, St. Peter's and Southwick wards, so that one of them can present it to the City Council.
722 people had already signed the paper petition by 15th January 2022.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, or if you would like to help, email: [email protected]

Sunderland, UK

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