To: Jo Cullen, Group Director , NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group

Save Smallbrook Surgery, Warminster from permanent closure

Save Smallbrook Surgery, Warminster from permanent closure

Please keep Smallbrook Surgery in Warminster open full time.

Why is this important?

Residents have already been greatly affected by the recent restriction in opening hours to only three mornings a week. As such, most are expected to travel to the White Horse Medical Practice in Westbury to seek medical attention. Yet, this is very difficult seeing as White Horse Medical Practice in Westbury is situated on the outskirts of town and therefore is not accessible to those who do not possess their own transport.

In addition, White Horse Medical Practice has already been struggling to cope with demand, due to continuing growth in the town's population.

All in all, the current situation is already unsustainable and will only get worse, should Smallbrook Surgery close altogether at the end of the current 3-days-a-week trial period.



Reasons for signing

  • Because it is inconvenient getting to Westbury and also we need doctors in Warminster. We are building 100's of houses with no infrastructure.
  • I live in Westbury and this will have a huge impact on getting appointments, which are already very difficult to get now
  • because I live in Westbury and they are building so many houses here without trying to provide a service for warminster as well... Example ring surgery 29 min wait at the moment... ring in an afternoon 15 minute wait.... This will just encourage people to wait til the surgery is closed and go to A and E instead!


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