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To: Surrey County Council

Save Spelthorne's fire stations

Save Spelthorne's fire stations

Keep both of our fire stations open in Spelthorne.

Surrey County Council wants to close both of our local fire stations, replacing them with just one.

This will make Spelthorne the least fire resourced borough in Surrey.

Why is this important?

Every residents association in the borough opposes this. Every major political party opposes this. The leader of Spelthorne Council opposes this. Not one person who lives or works in the borough has said that they support these cuts, so we need to tell Surrey County Council to stop these dangerous cuts.

Surrey, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Omgoodness is it not possible to have have more than one incident a night where more than one crew are needed. Are we not local to Heathrow the UK SO biggest airport and so may well need external services. Leave public services alone. If you really want to save money then look in your own pockets. Grrrrrrrr
  • Another crazy idea from SCC. If the untried untested incineration combination of gasifier and anaerobic digester actually happens - SCC's craziest idea - very many fire engines will be required to fight the fires and explosions!!!
  • Because I don't want my family and I to die in a house fire just because there was no-one there to help quick enough. Clearly I value human life more then the council does.


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