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To: Spennymoor town council

Save Spennymoor Gala

Save Spennymoor Gala

We, the taxpayer of Spennymoor insist that the Town Council immediately stop the ongoing attempts to disrupt the organisation of the Spennymoor Gala. For 64 years this institution has been solely organised by a team of volunteers and not run by the Council, however certain new rules introduced appear to be a thinly disguised attempt by Spennymoor Town Council to take control of the event. We insist that the Council stop interfering, remove the recent ruling regarding the enforced SAG application relating to the event and allow our tradition to continue as it always has.

Why is this important?

Spennymoor town council are ruining this long time tradition.


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Reasons for signing

  • This annual event brings our community together. Our generations of families have been brought up and shared great memories at this event.
  • I signed to save this wonderful community event.
  • My family all meet up gala day


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