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To: Bauer Media

Save Spire FM

Save Spire FM

Save the local identity of Salisbury's Spire FM with locally produced shows and voices from out community.

Why is this important?

We are living in a time when coming together as local community is more important than ever before and Spire FM has been at the heart of our local community. Bauer Media will be combining Spire FM with stations from Blackpool to Norwich and Swansea as Greatest Hits Radio.

Although there might still be some local news, that means no more local voices or businesses on War of the Works or Ring-a-ding-a-donut, no more local schools singing on the Countdown to Christmas and no local presenters living in our communities and understanding issues from Novichok to gridlock getting out of Tescos in Southampton Road.

Salisbury, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Keep Spire FM as a proper local radio station for Salisbury and not dumbed down in to another ghastly identikit clone like Heart with no local content
  • Keep Spire FM in the city for the city , defeats the object by becoming just another radio station playing the same hits ,Spire Fm has done so much for Salisbury with charity work local competitions to local people , great rapport with the DJ's when something is good why change it
  • It personal to our city with all the great work they do for are local charities and the interaction they have by bringing the city together as one, along with the great and witty broadcasters they have


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