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To: North West London CCGs

Save Pembridge Hospice

This campaign has ended.

Save Pembridge Hospice

Stop the closure of Pembridge Hospice Beds

Why is this important?

The 13 hospice beds at the In Patient Palliative Care Unit, St Charles Hospital, Ladbroke Grove are used by people with a life limiting illness for respite, symptom control and care in the last days of life. They’ve been closed “temporarily” because of staff shortages but now policy makers are claiming they are unnecessary and that beds can be found elsewhere. However alternative hospices are under pressure themselves and difficult for many to access. At the end of their lives people and their loved ones need care that’s familiar and easily reached.The Pembridge is well regarded and well used – its beds should be saved.

Reasons for signing

  • My Dad spent his last few months in this little place. Without it and the wonderful care he received, our family would not have been able so spend the quality time with my Dad that was much needed.
  • Please joined this group on Facebook to leave your comments your stories and your support to save the Pembridge unit 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏
  • Everyone at Pembridge Hospice were so amazing during my Andrew’s illness. He had his palliative care at home; Clare at her amazing team visited and cared for Andy at home, they were incredible!!


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