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To: North West London CCGs

Save Pembridge Hospice

Save Pembridge Hospice

Stop the closure of Pembridge Hospice Beds

Why is this important?

The 13 hospice beds at the In Patient Palliative Care Unit, St Charles Hospital, Ladbroke Grove are used by people with a life limiting illness for respite, symptom control and care in the last days of life. They’ve been closed “temporarily” because of staff shortages but now policy makers are claiming they are unnecessary and that beds can be found elsewhere. However alternative hospices are under pressure themselves and difficult for many to access. At the end of their lives people and their loved ones need care that’s familiar and easily reached.The Pembridge is well regarded and well used – its beds should be saved.


Reasons for signing

  • I sign cos a very good friend of mine was in that hospital with bone cancer. The staff were excellent
  • The pembridge have looked after people very close to me and my family over the years and this palliative care needs to be kept for people to be cared for in a way that gives them dignity towards the end of their lives.
  • Because we own them so very much The Parsons family have got your back our angels 😇


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