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To: The Right Reverend Declan Lang, Bishop of Clifton

Save St Stanislaus Dulverton and its Youth Centre

Save St Stanislaus Dulverton and its Youth Centre

Please allow the Parish to keep open the Residential Centre and St Stanislaus Church, Dulverton, Somerset. We have the funds.

Why is this important?

St Stanislaus RC Church, Dulverton and its adjoining 'Residential Centre', a Hostel, share the same site, with narrow access and restricted parking. One property is not usable without the other. The Hostel needs some expenditure on the exterior for which the Diocese is unwilling to pay. According to professional estimates obtained by the Parish, the cost is no more than £50K, which, given the chance, the Parish and Diocese could source between them. Most groups staying at the Centre are from schools, colleges, universities and youth organisations who come for canoeing and kayaking on the rivers Exe and Barle, rowing on Wimbleball Lake or cycling and hiking on Exmoor. Many groups had already expressed an interest in booking for 2020 before closure was suddenly announced by the Diocese in June 2019. The Hostel is in a prime location in the National Park and conveniently situated in a town with shops and services. Loss of the Hostel will bring further significant loss to local businesses, to young people and to community life in Dulverton and the surrounding area which have already been hard hit by other recent closures. Loss of the Hostel will also inevitably mean closure of the adjoining Church of St Stanislaus which is a spiritual beacon not only for local parishioners, but also for town people of all faiths or none, who drop in for moments of quiet contemplation, for tourists, family and friends from across the world visiting Exmoor. Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, former President of France, used to worship there when staying with friends locally. It is a little gem of a church with features designed by Sir Albert Richardson and adorned with glorious stained glass and interesting statues including St George and the Dragon by Septimus Waugh and a fine crucifix by Eric Gill. See more about the Residential Centre at

How it will be delivered

Stage a press conference

Reasons for signing

  • The Diocese of Clifton ought to be ashamed of itself, for trying this on again. The church is much needed.
  • This is the wrong moment to shut down a small and much-loved church and hostel. It's now accepted that helping small dynamic communities to help themselves is key to creating full, interactive, happy lives. The church should be at the heart of this new movement, however inconvenient it may look from a 'top down' administrative perspective.
  • We were staying locally for Christmas, and it would have been a long journey to go to Mass somewhere else on Christmas Day. Where will holiday makers, walkers, campers go to Mass


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