To: Staffordshire County Council


UPDATE: 10/12/15 Today has been a very good day! The councillors voted unanimously to accept our petition, and voted to never sell the Staffordshire Countryside and Green Spaces to private investors.

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Refuse to sell our publicly owned green spaces and AONB (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty) to private investors.

Why is this important?

Staffordshire County Council is currently consulting on a range of options concerning their (our) countryside estate. Their options explicitly include "Disposal of sites on the open market", "Land rental for industrial development" and "a private sector partnership".

The countryside estate includes Country Parks, picnic areas, country walks (along disused lines etc.) and also sites where public access is currently restricted in aid of wildlife conservation etc.

Each of these sites are highly valued green spaces, that are treasured by the local population, and by those from further afield alike. The loss of these areas of natural beauty would be felt by many, and in similar cases they also tend to be irreversible; meaning once these sites are lost from public ownership, they may never be returned.

We call upon Staffordshire County Council to commit to preserving our natural heritage, for the common good. And to reject the notion that a private profit motive should play any part in owning, or managing our much loved green spaces.


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Reasons for signing

  • Unless passed to a major environmental charity, the need for cost effective management will be replaced by a need for profit, taking money away from vital ecological management.
  • Selling off the countryside and Areas of Natural Beauty would be an obscenity. There is little enough left that isn't being exploited for the filth of fracking.
  • I think we lose too much natural beauty so let us keep it


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