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To: Trafford Council

Save Stamford Park School

Save Stamford Park School

Stop the proposed demolition of Stamford Park School

Why is this important?

Trafford Council are proposing to demolish both Stamford Park Schools & construct a new three form entry school on the existing school field.
Trafford Council has published a “Vision “document promising a “state of the art “new school and referenced other new schools in the borough; Worthington Park, Bowdon Church Schools as examples of what the new school will look like.
The existing school field is much smaller size than the footprint of the existing Infant and Junior school site and as the new school will be designed for three form entry it will have to be three storeys high with limited external space for playgrounds.
This proposed building is likely to be completely out of character with the buildings in the surrounding streets and unlikely to be the state-of-the-art new school promised.
At no time have Trafford published any plans for the new school.
Surely if you are undertaking a consultation exercise it is not unreasonable to expect to see outline plans so the public can form their own opinion of the proposals.
The new school will also result in the children losing their playing field.
The existing Edwardian school buildings will be demolished to create some outdoor (artificial) pitches and 40 car parking spaces.
The use of public transport should be encouraged not increasing the number of cars around a school.
These local schools have stood in our community for over 100 years and the demolition of these buildings will be a sad loss to the local area and in an era where sustainability should be paramount, refurbishment of the existing buildings must be the way forward.
Whilst we understand there are issues with the existing Infants School this proposal is not the solution.
Trafford Council are currently undertaking a consultation exercise gathering opinions from the local community /residents/parents etc. If you have not already done so please complete the online consultation form on the Trafford website though you only have until 17th Nov to submit your form.
Given that the new school is being promoted by Trafford it is vital to gather as much support as possible so that the council understand the strength of local opinion.
The intention is that this petition is forwarded to Trafford to demonstrate the strength of feeling within the community.
Could you please join our petition and it would be good if you could share with local residents as well?
Many thanks,


Reasons for signing

  • As a resident who has grown up in the area, the proposed site is not suited for a new build.
  • To save the old traditional building


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