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To: Bristol City Council and Natural England

Save Stoke Park Woods

Save Stoke Park Woods

This petition opposes the removal of woodland at Stoke Park Estate - specifically the woodland and scrubland around the Pale Plantation and along the ridge towards Barn Woods.

Why is this important?

Phase 2 of the Stoke Park Estate restoration project aims to turn this area into grazing land for cattle in September 2018. Those who sign this petition want the character of the wood and the meadows between to be kept, and insist that only the most sensitive of work be conducted.

There is very little woodland in the UK - even less that the public can access. Yet there are plans to clear woodland between Lockleaze and the M32 at Stoke Park Estate. In an effort to restore a 19th century landscape, Bristol City Council want to cut down Stoke Park Woods, leaving a “few scattered young and mature trees.” This will destroy important habitat and deprive people who live in the city access to a beautiful, natural woodland. It will remove visual screening to the M32, and will result in increased noise.

The work so far has been negligent and destructive. Despite being an SNCI (Site Natural and Conservation Interest), suitable ecological surveys have not been carried out. The work has not complied with guidance set out by Natural England.

So far large areas of valuable habitat have been obliterated. Wildlife has been displaced or killed. They want to do it again to a much loved woodland.

The damage done so far cannot be undone - but there is still a chance to save Stoke Park Woods. If you think that people who live in the city should be able to enjoy the wildlife and beauty of a natural woodland, please ask your friends and family to sign.


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Reasons for signing

  • I have lived in the area of the wood for the past 73 years. It’s a beautiful area with plenty of wild life.
  • I signed to save our woodlands. Our council needs to stop taking any land they want . We want to keep our woodlands and green spaces. Part of living in Bristol is the beauty of the woods, and Greenspaces in or near the city. Destroying natural habitats of countless, birds, animals ,and insects unnecessarily!
  • We should be looking to conserve and replant and NOT destroy. There are pitifully few habitats left like Stoke Park and Brsitol Council needs a big rethink before we lose even more!


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