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To: West Lothian Council

Save Strings and Percussion Tuition in West Lothian schools

Save Strings and Percussion Tuition in West Lothian schools

Protect the Strings and Percussion Instrumental Service .Do not discriminate against the pupils who benefit from this service.

Why is this important?

At 10 am on Tuesday 13th March a West Lothian Council committee will discuss a proposal to PERMANENTLY STOP all strings and percussion tuition and discontinue Bathgate Academy String Ensemble , Linlithgow Academy String Orchestra and Junior Strings, St Kentigern’s Folk/String Group, West Lothian Sinfonia and West Lothian Folk Group.To axe the strings and percussion instrumental service would be grossly unfair to those pupils who presently receive tuition and would deprive younger children of instrument choice.
It would be discriminatory to continue to provide an instrumental service for one group of pupils and not another and we want the council to explore alternative funding sources,which they haven’t done.

West Lothian

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Reasons for signing

  • No consultation with children and young people or an equality impact assessment . That would have flagged up significant issues which the Council has failed to take into account. L
  • All music tuition needs to be saved in our schools. It is such a good workout for the brain and teaches our children to work together.
  • As a string instructor for 20 years in West Lothian I have seen the enormous benefits the service can bring to children. West Lothian used to be held up to other regions as a shining example of excellence - do not destroy this.


2018-04-02 16:20:39 +0100

Happy Easter!
An update on the campaign:

This TUESDAY, 3rd April, at 2pm in Livingston, West Lothian Council will hold a special meeting to discuss one topic - a motion to instruct council officials to explore a model for the Instrumental Music Service based on fairness, and on fees. They would come back later with a proposal on which councillors would decide.

There's ONE thing you can do to help - be there. Bring friends, family, passing strangers. Phone them and make sure they'll come. Most of all, bring your children, and make sure they bring their instruments. And if you can't make it, please get someone else to go for you - grandparents are ideal.

2018-03-14 22:58:11 +0000

Thankyou so much for signing this petition.Following the meeting of West Lothian Council on Tuesday 13th March,the committee decided to refer the proposal to the Education Executive Committee which will meet on 17th April.This committee will vote and decide whether to go ahead with the axing of the Strings and Percussion Service in West Lothian Schools.We need to continue campaigning.Please continue to share, thank you.

2018-03-10 23:31:10 +0000

Nicola Benedetti is now supporting our campaign.

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