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To: Shropshire council

Save the Acton Arms Morville

Save the Acton Arms Morville

List our pub as an Asset of Community Value

Why is this important?

Our pub is an important part of the local community, we do not want to loose it. We would like to see the Acton open again, we miss the contact with our friends and neighbours. Many teams are run from it, its a place where you can find help for all sorts and it can be so much more.
Some of our locals have offered the pub company to run it as a managed house so the pub can reopen again but so far the pub-co has refused. We don't understand why, it is much easier to find a tenant for a pub that is open and running, or do they have plans which none of us know about?

Morville, Bridgnorth

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Reasons for signing

  • Once they're gone, they're gone.
  • We have recently moved to Morville and having a local pub which could also be utilised for other local community events would be a major asset to Morville and it's residents.
  • It is the pub most local to us and is very sad to see it shut up when lots of locals would use.


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