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To: Cambridge City Council



The Council should reverse its decision to pollard the two 120-year-old plane trees in Alexandra Gardens opposite Holland St. Reducing the tree volume by 70% will seriously disfigure the tree canopy that lines both Carlyle Rd and the Gardens themselves. We urge the Council to find an alternative means of addressing the claims of subsidence brought by buildings insurers. The published consultation period for the tree reduction is only 10 days and ends on 7th July.

Why is this important?

The trees under threat are 120 years old and a spectacular addition to the amenity of the Gardens, enjoyed by generations of residents and visitors. The Gardens have a recently renovated playground which attracts families from across the city. The proposed pollarding seriously disfigures the trees in perpetuity, making them unattractive and unnatural in appearance. At a time of environmental emergency, the city council should find more creative solutions to the problem of building subsidence than simply chopping back trees that have graced the neighbourhood for more than a century.

Carlyle Rd, Arbury, Cambridge CB4 3DN, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Tree roots are randomly given as the excuse for all sorts of building problems, from my own experience I don’t believe them. What proof have they shown you that it is the trees roots causing subsidence?
  • I love trees I’m a tree hugger


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