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To: Surrey Fire and Rescue

Save The Animal Rescue Unit (Surrey Fire and Rescue)

Don't close down the Animal Rescue Unit in Surrey! Without the rescue unit farm animal owners will have to resort to calling the vet, who will have no choice but to euthanize an animal that is stuck. Animals are sentient beings, whether companion pet, farm animal or wildlife. They share their world with us and deserve the same care and respect.

Why is this important?

The removal of the Animal Rescue Unit by Surrey Fire and Rescue will jeopardise their chance of survival if needing a specialist rescue.

Looking at the unofficial fire rescue Facebook page it seems as though at least one animal a week is rescued by the unit. Without them horses and other farm animals will be left stuck in a ditch, leaving the owner no choice but to call a vet who has no equipment to perform a rescue.

Animals live with us and work alongside us. Animals enrich our lives and provide us with resources. We need to nurture, protect and cherish the animals in our communities.

We don't know when Surrey Fire & Rescue plan to close the unit down but we are calling all pet owners, horse riders, farmers, and animal lovers throughout Surrey to recognise the value of a highly-trained, specialist Animal Rescue team in Surrey!


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