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To: Richard Bacon MP; South Norfolk Council

Save the Apollo Club

Save the Apollo Club

Save the Apollo Club in Harleston from demolition

Why is this important?

This building has been part of the fabric of life in Harleston, South Norfolk for over 30 years. It currently stands vacant and despite now being registered as an Asset of Community Value it still faces demolition ‘within a few weeks’ under existing permissions as there are plans to turn it into retirement flats. At Hope Church we believe it could still be a really amazing asset for the community - with a little TLC! We’d love to bring it alive again and turn it into a fantastic community hub where we can provide services such as Foodbank and Community Works as well as holding our Sunday meetings and hiring it out for local clubs - in short, to see it repurposed as an amazing space for everyone in Harleston to enjoy. If you agree please add your support!

How it will be delivered

By post and/or email


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Reasons for signing

  • Its a real shame to lose the club we do not need anymore housing as the infrastructure of Harleston cannot cope not doctors schools work for the people moving here! Too many affordable housing which just brings undesirables into Harleston from other areas who do not want them in there area!
  • This commumity hub has been a part of my home town for years. I have seen community services slasged up and down the country. But, we must take a stand to preserve the vital services that bring our communities together. Too many cuts from our councillors and government, not enough community support.
  • Harleston needs a venue for the community to use for social and/or fund raising events that are too large to be hosted by the Swan Hotel.


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