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To: Warrington Borough Council

Save The Blackburne Arms

Save The Blackburne Arms

The Blackburne Arms significantly contributes to the wellbeing of the local community and therefore should not be developed into older persons dwellings, but be listed as an Asset of Community Value. The asset's historic use as a public house contributes to a sense of community spirit and identity amongst the nearby community. The pub provides employment opportunities for nearby residents and offers a real family welcome.

Why is this important?

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Application number 2019/35678.

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So why save The Blackburne Arms ?
Locally, the Pub is listed as an asset of significant local historic value (in particular the stonemasonry and original leaded window construction) The pub dates back to 1928, being named after Robert Ireland Blackburne, a local Great World War veteran and nobleman. The building forms part of an area of local historic significance forming part of the former Orford Estate which comprised of Orford Park, Orford Hall & Gardens, St. Margaret’s CE Church, St Margaret’s CE School, Orford House, Orford Farm and the surround farm estates that can be seen on maps from 1907 and then updated in 1937 to include the Pub.
There is good access for disabled people at the pub. This provides an easily accessible and inclusive space to meet with other members of the local community and provides a safe and enjoyable environment to be in. This clearly furthers the person’s individual wellbeing. The Pub has been included in a tourist & local pub guide, which attracts more people to the pub from surrounding areas which helps boost the local economy. It also puts the pub on the map as a pub worthy of recognition from the Council.
Local sport teams meet in this pub. There are good transport links available to/from the pub. This means that elderly members of the community can easily and safely get to/from the pub. There is free parking available which is accessed by the wider community. This allows people to get to/from the pub safely when transport systems may be down. Also the generous parking on offer is shared with the houses adjacent to the pub as per the agreement with the local council when land from the front of their houses was used to widen the now Orford Green. The spacious parking also means that families can access the pub easily. The pub hosts quiz nights which have most patrons laughing and enjoying the event, bring the community together.
There are televisions screening sporting events enjoyed by regulars and very popular especially when featuring the local clubs from Liverpool and Manchester. There is a beer garden attached to the pub which is used extensively, enjoyed by the local community, especially families with the play equipment and bouncy castle available for use daily. The pub hosts advertising for local events and charity events raising approx. £5,000 a year for local and national charities. The pub also hosts very popular events surrounding calendar events throughout the year (Halloween, Christmas, etc.) In times of adversity, the patrons of pub are well known to provide specific help, support and financial assistance to any families who are in need or have lost a loved one.
Live music events are often hosted at the pub, providing a platform for local artists and contributing to the culture of the community.
The pub also holds local Craft Fairs where people can make, sell and buy goods from around the local area. Each June and July the pub hosts the annual Walking Day celebrations for Orford and Warrington alike. This dates back to before the Pub was built but the pub has now become such an iconic family location to congregate and celebrate the event. All family members are welcome with the children usually being smartly dressed in accordance to the church custom.
There is also wildlife of specific interest which are located within the grounds. As well as the usual urban wildlife, there is also a profusion of newts which need to be researched to see if they are endangered and therefore protected. Also bats roost in the grounds too and can be seen at dusk flying across the field and car parks.

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