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To: Councillors, Council, Planning Pannel and owners



We the undersigned wish to have this building brought back into public ownership and restored as a prime example of a traditional community theatre, arts hub and museum to match the theatres and cultural venues of other cities.
We want to have a live entertainment venue with a grand history of a famous town behind it, a Grade II building that reflects the past but shines forth into the future, bringing real entertainment to the people of Eccles for generations to come.
We must now show our Councillors, Council and owners that we do want this to be restored as a working venue and building of multiple COMMUNITY use.

Why is this important?

'Help Save the Crown Theatre Eccles'
The ‘Eccles Lyceum Theatre Trust’ is now the official organization responsible for raising funds and campaigning to ‘save the Crown Theatre Eccles’
The Grade II Listed Building stands proudly on the gateway into Eccles town centre. A great opportunity to bring business, enterprise, education, employment and pride to a town that should not be over looked, it's the heart of Salford. All transport networks lead to ECCLES.

Eccles, Salford M30 0LZ

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