To: Jake Berry Conservative MP Pubs Minister

Save the Dolphin Public House

Save the Dolphin Public House

We want the minister to support the Stoke Hammond Village Pub.

Why is this important?

It is important because this building remains in daily use by both villagers and visitors.

The Dolphin public house forms an integral part of village life and without this facility a key social meeting place for both younger and older generations would be lost.

It should be acknowledged that Stoke Hammond has already had an exceptional percentage of new properties built and is already over it’s recommended quota identified by the local authority.

To allow this significant building to be demolished and replaced with more dwellings would be against the wishes of the local community.

Stoke Hammond

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Reasons for signing

  • Too may pubs are being closed to enable rich rewards from property developers
  • Too good to lose.
  • So many memories


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