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To: Wychavon District Council

Save The "Donkey Field"

Save The "Donkey Field"

Refuse planning permission for any proposed development on the site of land adjacent to Common Hill Manor, Northwick Road, Bevere, Worcester.

Why is this important?

The site is:

Significant within Worcestershire's green infrastructure;

Valuable and diverse ecologically;

Important and strategic as a wildlife corridor;

Historic dating back to medieval times;

Key component of Northwick Manor Heritage Trail;

Intrinsic to Bevere Conservation Area;

The last remaining view of a beautiful landscape;

In contravention of National Planning Policy Framework;

A flood plain !

Northwick, Worcester

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Reasons for signing

  • It will damage the environment .and increase traffic on an already busy country lane.
  • The field is a fundamental part of the city's floodplain. Anything built on this land will flood - its underwater as I sign this.That is reason enough, let alone the wildlife corridor etc elements put forward.
  • Good work raising all these material considerations, and preventing them being just being overlooked by our planning dept as they so often do in my personal experience!


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