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To: Nadine Dorries, Department for Digital, Culture Media and Sport


Let’s put fairness first. Please implement the recommendations of the Fan-Led Review into football governance in full.

Money should be given to clubs that care about:
- Financial Sustainability
- The Fans
- The Environment
- Equality
- Investing in their community

And it should all be overseen by a properly independent regulator.

Why is this important?

Each year the Premier League earns around £2.5bn from broadcasting revenue, of which less than 2% goes to professional clubs below the championship.

That’s 140 clubs: The 24 clubs of League One, the 24 clubs of League Two, the 12 clubs of the Women’s Super League, the 12 clubs of the Women’s Championship, AND the 68 clubs in the National League.

It is time to reallocate football’s wealth fairly and incentivise good behaviour. That's why a fan-led review into football has been carried out.

It’s recommending introducing stronger financial controls, proper fan engagement and meaningful equality standards. And that it's all overseen by an independent regulator that has the power to enforce these changes.

All of that can be brought together by the introduction of a Sustainability Index that gives money to clubs who score highly on four criteria:
- Financial Sustainability
- Good Governance
- Equality Standards
- Fan and Community Engagement


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