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To: Bromsgrove council planning office

Save the Hev's Happy Hounds PlayPark

Save the Hev's Happy Hounds PlayPark

Bromsgrove District Council has refused planning permission for Hev’s Happy Hounds to continue to operate from their existing site at Holyoake Lane, Bentley, Worcestershire, B97 5SR. In determining the application, the case officer stated that Hev’s Happy Hounds does not fulfil a need of the local community. As a result, a planning appeal is being submitted to the Planning Inspectorate which challenges this decision.
If you support this proposal or believe that the Hev’s Happy Hounds does fulfil a need of the local community then please sign the petition below. Signing the petition would not affect your rights to submit further comments to the Planning Inspectorate during the course of the appeal’s determination.

Why is this important?

The PlayPark provides an invaluable resource to local dog walkers, dog trainers and dog owners. It enables dogs who are otherwise not allowed off lead for various reasons to run free in a safe and secure environment. We know that our users often visit other local businesses too.

Holyoakes Lane, Redditch B97 5SR

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Reasons for signing

  • I’m a trainer and I know a lot of my customers use this place as their dogs are highly reactive. I’ve used it with my customers and found it to be a great place to help train reactive dogs. Also to give dogs the freedom the can’t yet have elsewhere due to their issues that are in the process of being worked on. Brilliant service and very secure all round.
  • For local dog owners and dogs this playpark is an invaluable service that provides well needed enrichment, socialisation, welfare and safe interactions for dogs in the area so that the local community is safer with more well balanced, healthier dogs and owners. For dogs restricted to the lead in public, this is a lifeline.
  • I have a very active dog, a border collie, but her recall isn't great. If we go to local parks, she'll hear a sound or catch a scent and be off and we have difficulty getting her back. But at hevs happy hounds we can let her sniff and run about all she wants safe in the knowledge she can't come to any harm. It would be a shame to loose such a unique service/facility that's on our door step.


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