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Save The Horse Hospital and Contemporary Wardrobe from Eviction

Stop the landlords from evicting Contemporary Wardrobe and its arts event space The Horse Hospital.

Why is this important?

Contemporary Wardrobe and The Horse Hospital are London institutions that have existed in the same location since the eighties. The former houses the biggest collection of original street clothing in the UK - 20,000 pieces ranging from WW2 till now- that can be hired, viewed by students, photographed etc and, as such, is a very important museum-especially if we consider that the UK is where many of the worlds most original style tribes originated. The Horse Hospital , located above Contemporary Wardrobe, has been an essential space where impoverished and young artists, film makers, designers, poets etc can exhibit their work for a pittance. It is a community artist's hub that has helped many a creative find their feet and survive. Both cannot be lost to build more luxury flats. We need such in inner London and its is paramount we fight for them to survive . I did one of my first art exhibitions there and could not have done it elsewhere and when working as a fashion stylist borrowed clothing on countless occasion that informed young people of their heritage.


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