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To: North Lanarkshire Leasure

save the Kirkwood sports barn and Pitches area

save the Kirkwood sports barn and Pitches area

we are asking the local council to either reconsider the closure of these facilities, or to work with the community. to ensure that any plans to redevelop the site includes a community hall and a play area . If they cannot do so then we would like them to transfer the ownership by way of asset transfer to the local community council.

Why is this important?

all local authorities across the country are finding it hard to justify the expenditure but community assets can not be just about money it has a duty to provide facilities that can be used to provide for the wellbeing of the people in their Area. Community centres are the beating heart of any community, providing a safe environment for all. The elderly. the middle aged, the children and its youths, Every year there are more closures, we must make a stand now before we lose them all.

Kirkwood, Coatbridge Lanarkshire,

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Reasons for signing

  • I grew up next to this place it was part of every young boys and girls childhood if it wasn't 5 a side football or even 11 a side they had youth clubs etc
  • ..........


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