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To: Eastbourne Borough Council and Brighton University



Brighton University are relocating from Eastbourne to Brighton. When they go, the future of the University Sports Centre is at serious risk. The sports facilities and swimming pool it offers are one of most valuable sports and health assets to the residents of Eastbourne.

We, the undersigned residents of Eastbourne, call on the Council and Brighton University to retain the Sports Centre and keep the facilities open.

Why is this important?

What will happen if we can’t keep the sports centre?

• We will lose the Sports Centre swimming pool and a home for many successful swimming groups that benefit people of all ages, including hundreds of children that are learning to swim.

• No sports halls, gyms and training grounds means no home for sports clubs.

• We lose an important centre for the community to join together

The sports centre has been a nurturing ground for many local sports teams and clubs. Its closure will deprive these teams of their training facilities, jeopardising their continuity and stifling the growth of sports in our community.

These groups play a significant role in improving people’s lifestyles and promoting healthy living.

Some of the many clubs that will be affected are:
• Eastbourne Swimming Club.
• Team BodyWorks Triathlon Club
• Eastbourne Town Football Club
• Red Lion Shotokan Karate Club
• Eastbourne Neptunes Basketball Club
• Eastbourne Volleyball Club
• Eastbourne Netball Club
• Yoga

Serious impact on health services...
The sports centre is a resource that fills gaps in the provision of vital health services in Eastbourne these are likely to disappear from the area.

Deterioration of Eastbourne’s social fabric and potential loss of jobs...
The sports centre serves as a social hub, bringing together individuals from everywhere in Eastbourne. Its closure would disrupt the social fabric of our community, leaving many without a place to gather, interact and build valuable relationships. The closure would result in the displacement of dedicated staff members who have been an integral part of our community for years.

For more information or to join the Save Our Meads Sports Centre mailing list, please email: [email protected]
Eastbourne, UK

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