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To: The New Owners, Barbara and Pietro

Save the Ceiling Mural at The Barge Inn, Honey Street

Save the Ceiling Mural at The Barge Inn, Honey Street

Please do not paint over the amazing and awe-inspiring mural in the pub.

Why is this important?

This gorgeous pub is just different. There is no other place like it in the world. It's where I learned the true meaning of the word 'community'. The mural captures its essence in a way nothing else physical can.

If the mural is painted over, some of that magic will be lost.

The visionary artist who painted this mural put his talent and love into the piece and captured the magic perfectly. Please help us to save it!

The Barge Inn, Pewsey

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Reasons for signing

  • It's unique and reflects the mystery of the area and county.
  • This mural and this pub are morally owned by the community and no one individual should be allowed to destroy it. If you choose to buy a piece of history then you are only the custodian, you can't own really own it.
  • At 12 miles away this Pub is not my local, but whenever friends & family from further afield visit a ride out for a meal and drinks there is a must. The Barge has a unique atmosphere and this spectacular mural is part of it,I certainly wont be visiting again if this stunning art work is destroyed.In a world of bland identikit chain pubs it is the quirky uniqueness of the Barge that is it's USP and should celebrated.Destroying this mural would be an unforgivable act of cultural vandalism.


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