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To: Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne MP

Save the National Media Museum in Bradford

The museum is saved! After more than 45,000 people signed petitions to protect the science museums in the north of England, Culture minister Ed Vaizey announced that the museums would not be given the proposed 10% budget cut and that there was "no question of them closing."

The MP for York Central said: "All the campaigning and all the warnings sent to the government that it would be an act of cultural vandalism if one of these museums were to close appears to have been heeded."

Dear Chancellor, please consider the impact of the comprehensive spending review on 26th June 2013 on the National Media Museum in Bradford. Further government cuts to the Science Museum Group's annual funding will most likely result in the closure of the National Media Museum. This loss will be a devastating blow to the City of Bradford and a tragic outcome on an international scale.

Why is this important?

The forthcoming government cuts to the Science Museum Group's (SMG) annual funding will have a massive impact on the daily running of four of the UK's most visited Museums. Led by the Science Museum in London, the SMG also includes the National Railway Museum in York, the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester and the National Media Museum in Bradford.

Ian Blatchford, Director of the Science Museum Group has stated that a further 10% cut in funding in the next round of government spending proposals meant "almost certainly" one museum would shut. Out of the four Museums the National Media Museum in Bradford has the least visitors annually and is the most at risk to closure.

BBC News - Science Museum Group says cuts put museums at risk:

Revealing interview with Ian Blatchford on Radio 4's The World at One:

The National Media Museum is a unique, world-class visitor destination and constantly delivers a range of inspiring events, exhibitions and galleries in one of the poorest Cities in the UK. The Museum gives visitors a rare opportunity to experience many world firsts and is home to over 3 million objects that track the history of photography, film, animation, television and videogames. The film and festival programme is an exciting offer that welcomes many award-winning filmmakers and artists to the UK. The Museum is the heart of the cultural community in Bradford and its closure would have truly tragic consequences for the cultural, economic and tourism offer of the City and the Region.

The National Media Museum may have fewer visitors when compared to its family members in Manchester, York and London but at more than 500,000 visits in 2012 the Bradford attraction is still a popular visitor destination.

There is no other public building in the UK that offers this combination of free galleries, temporary exhibitions, cinemas, events and workshops for all types of audiences - schools, families, students, community groups, photographers, film and television lovers, historians and enthusiasts - we can't lose this British gem of an institution.

2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the National Media Museum. Millions of visitors have benefited from the heritage, knowledge and inspiration found within its walls. Don't let this institution close and allow these opportunities slip away from future generations.

The aim of this petition is not to ask to save the National Media Museum and close another Museum within the SMG. All of the SMG institutions are vital to their Cities and area of expertise. The aim of this campaign is to highlight the individual support for the National Media Museum and Bradford and urge the government to not allow any of the Museums in the SMG to close their doors.

The Bradford Telegraph & Argus newspaper also has their own petition to help save the National Media Museum. We have agreed to pool both petitions together so don't worry about which one to sign. We're both pulling in the same direction.

And of course, as well as signing these petitions the best way to show your support is to pay the Museum a visit in the next few weeks. Visitor figures are its life blood.

How it will be delivered

Delivered in person to HM Treasury before 26th June 2013. The petition and comments will also be presented to Ian Blatchford, Director of the Science Museum Group.

National Media Museum, Bradford, United Kingdom

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