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To: First Bus West Yorkshire and West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Save the Number 1 Leeds Bus Route

Save the Number 1 Leeds Bus Route

- A full reinstatement of the Number 1 bus route once The Headrow improvement works are complete.
- Find and implement a better solution to the split as soon as possible whilst the improvements work continue.

Why is this important?

Our Number 1 bus route from Beeston was cut in half at the start of September 2019 due to improvement works on The Headrow and now operates as the Number 10 from Beeston to Infirmary Street. To pick up the Number 1 passengers have to then walk uphill to get to Albion Street.

When asked on Twitter on 9th September 2019 if the Number 1 would go back to its original route once the works were complete First Bus West Yorkshire stated “at present we are unable to confirm this”. The Number 1 bus is an essential bus route and this response from First Bus West Yorkshire is hugely concerning!

We need our bus service and we want reassurances from First Bus West Yorkshire, Metro and the Combined Authority that the Number 1 will be fully restored once the Headrow improvement works are complete.


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Reasons for signing

  • It now takes 2 buses to get from Holt Park and Lawnswood to Leeds City Station and 3 buses to go south of the river. This is NOT the way to encourage use of public transport and certainly doesn’t support the Connecting Leeds strategy. First Bus, as ever, have gone for a convenient for them and inconvenient for the passenger option.
  • I used to go up merrion centre & university often cos I could get the no 1 straight to them now I can't, I can't see people that I used to see every week cos I can't get up that end anymore
  • This change in the buses has disrupted my journey to work making it longer in time and not so reliable. It concerns me that the hardworking people of South Leeds are not catered for in this vibrant city.


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