To: National Express West Midlands

Save the Number 27 bus

Save the Number 27 bus

Keep the much needed and very valuable 27 bus route in Birmingham and ask National Express West Midlands to rethink their plans.

Why is this important?

National Express have made plans to stop the 27 bus.

It goes around Birmingham to places that don’t have public transport otherwise. Many residents in Stirchley and Bournville would be out public transport which they use in their daily lives. This would affect elderly people who use it to get into town and shopping centres, as well as children who use the bus to get to and from school.

The National Express have launched a public consultation. If as many of us sign the petition as possible, we can show them how vital the 27 is to so many people.



Reasons for signing

  • My children use this route to get too and from school
  • I use this bus to get to school sometimes
  • If it's the only bus running this route, WHY take it off, it's obviously being used or there wouldn't be a petition.


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