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To: Landlord

Save the Poppy Pantry

Save the Poppy Pantry

Please renew our lease

Why is this important?

The Poppy Pantry in the City of London cemetery is a family-run cafe and wake-catering service, which proudly supports the British Legion. Our lease is due for renewal and we don’t want to lose the opportunity to keep serving the local community. Please sign and share this petition to bring attention to our cause.

The City of London Cemetery, Aldersbrook Rd, London E12 5DS, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • The people are so friendly and helpful. We held my mother's wake here in 2018 and they couldn't do enough for us.
  • If the last year has taught us anything, isn't it that we should be supporting an independent business?!
  • I always look forward to visiting the Poppy Pantry when I come to the Cemetery. The place has a very harmonious and special vibe. The family serve lovely food and drink in their immaculate cafe and garden and also provide catering for wakes nearby. Let's support local business and all those who go above and beyond.


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