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To: Post Office Ltd & The Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP

Save the Post Office in Sidcup

Don't leave Sidcup High Street without an accessible Post Office

Why is this important?

The Post Office in Sidcup High Street is a main part of the community. Nationwide, every week one in four people visits their Post Office and they're a focal point in towns and villages.

In Sidcup the current accessible Post Office on the High Street, serves the needs of the whole community. Visit it on any day and at any time and it will be busy. Customers are dealt with speedily and efficiently by trained staff who know how to handle all our post office needs.

As a community we are very sad that the current postmaster has decided to retire. He and his family have been serving Sidcup for 27 years. However, as a community we are also extremely concerned that this will leave us without accessible Post Office services when the current Post Office closes on the 28th June this year.

There are Post Office services in the Happy Shopper on Station Road but there’s no way they can accommodate the volume of people that are currently using the High Street Post Office. There’s not enough staff or room to queue and the Happy Shopper is not accessible, there's a step to get into the shop and the doorway is narrow.

We have been told the Post Office is committed to finding a new Postmaster and High Street location but that they don't seem to be doing much about it.

We are calling on the Post Office to actively search for a new Postmaster and accessible High Street location for Sidcup Post Office and we are calling on our MP James Brokenshire to support us.


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