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To: Enterprise Inns

Save The Prince of Wales

We want Enterprise Inns to renew the lease on The Prince of Wales so that it remains an independent free house; selling local ales and food.

Why is this important?

The Prince of Wales is a conerstone of the Gloucester Road community with an ethos of supporting fellow independent traders. It has the reputation as a meeting place, cosy abode and traditional boozer is known throughout Bristol.

The Prince of Wales is part of a large collection of independent shops, cafes and restaurants which run along the Gloucester Road. This independent ethos encapsulated by The Prince of Wales would be at great risk if Enterprise Inns were to introduce their own managed house in place of our beloved local. Enterprise Inns want to forcibly remove me as a tenant from The Prince of Wales and turn it into a managed house run by the Bermondsey pub company. They aim to run a chain of 200 pubs by 2020, replacing individual characterful community pubs with generic chain branding.

Please see our crowdfunder campaign and watch our video for more details!


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Reasons for signing

  • Nice local pub
  • Don't let POW's unique character be destroyed by corporate copy and paste design.
  • This is a family owned, popular pub. Fed up with large corporations greedily knocking over small businesses and ruining the atmosphere.


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