To: Bob Shennan, Controller, Radio 2

Save the Radio 2 Book Club on Simon Mayo's Drivetime

Save the Radio 2 Book Club on Simon Mayo's Drivetime

Please reinstate the Radio 2 Book Club on Simon Mayo's Drivetime.
We cannot afford to lose any precious books coverage from national radio. And shows like the Radio 2 Book Club are, after all, what the BBC is for.

Why is this important?

Books help us understand the world. They help us empathise. They help create communities.

The Radio 2 Book Club on Simon Mayo's Drivetime was a unique offering: it created engagement with people who didn't necessarily think of themselves as avid readers. It gave listeners a voice - a chance to critique books on national radio. And it created national debate about books at a time when, arguably, we need it most.

The Radio 2 Book Club was a critical component of the BBC's cultural coverage. Take it away and you take away a conversation about books with millions of people who may not get it elsewhere.

Please: reinstate the R2 Book Club. For the good of literature. For the good of readers. And the good of society.

Reasons for signing

  • worried about changes in may to our fabulous drivetime
  • Anything which encourages people to read needs to be supported. I have bought books, outwit my usual genre, after hearing the author on this programme
  • Simon Mayo has championed book segments for many years, they were on his fantastic and sadly missed Radio 5 programme, and he carried it to Radio 2. It introduced books and their authors in a relaxed perceptive dialogue that encouraged many to read or read more. and I really enjoy the segment. It seems that the BBC has a poor attitude towards book coverage and the engagement of listeners. Bring Back the Book Club!!!


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