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To: Bob Shennan, Controller, Radio 2

Save the Radio 2 Book Club on Simon Mayo's Drivetime

Save the Radio 2 Book Club on Simon Mayo's Drivetime

Please reinstate the Radio 2 Book Club on Simon Mayo's Drivetime.
We cannot afford to lose any precious books coverage from national radio. And shows like the Radio 2 Book Club are, after all, what the BBC is for.

Why is this important?

Books help us understand the world. They help us empathise. They help create communities.

The Radio 2 Book Club on Simon Mayo's Drivetime was a unique offering: it created engagement with people who didn't necessarily think of themselves as avid readers. It gave listeners a voice - a chance to critique books on national radio. And it created national debate about books at a time when, arguably, we need it most.

The Radio 2 Book Club was a critical component of the BBC's cultural coverage. Take it away and you take away a conversation about books with millions of people who may not get it elsewhere.

Please: reinstate the R2 Book Club. For the good of literature. For the good of readers. And the good of society.

Reasons for signing

  • I can't stand the forced gaiety between Simon and Jo on Drivetime. Not interested in Jo considtantly bring her kids into conversation etc. Also why do they keep saying the Jo Whiley and Simon Mayo show are they making a point by putting her as lead name? Simon was paid more for a reason he is an excellent presenter Another example as equality gone mad
  • The Book Club is just one facet of a great show that's been cast aside like an unwanted pack-a-mac on a hot summer's day. There'll come a time when you wish you had that mac but by that time it'll be too late!
  • The new show lacks energy and chemistry. It feels forced and both presenters sound awkward. Miss the old show!


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