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To: Southampton University

Save The Stile

Stop the closure and demolition of The Stile Pub, University Road, Southampton.

Why is this important?

The Stile is the only pub left to patrons from the Flower Estates.

It is on the edge of the University and the estate. Not only does it provide a place for locals to meet, it also creates bridges between the local community and the student community.

Southampton University has been incredibly acquisitive in the past 30 years. Whole streets have been knocked down for its expansion.

Southampton needs to retain its culture, not demolish it.

Save The Stile.


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Reasons for signing

  • Its the only local pub left. I serve the landlady and family where I work and they are lovely people. Locals need a local pub leave some history standing
  • As a former resident of the flower estate, this really has to stop now! From a handful now potentially down to zero, with the nearest but a good 20+ minute walk away! So much for the uni wanting to help the locals...
  • all those that have signed and live in the area should apply for a community asset.


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