To: North East Derbyshire Planning Committee

Save The Three Tuns

Save The Three Tuns

To prevent the closure of The Three Tuns public house and to secure its future as a valued and valuable part of the local community.

Why is this important?

The Three Tuns is a much loved local public house which is not only a part of the local community but contributes to the local community through its regular fundraising activities and events. Furthermore it is a significant outlet for sales of beers produced by the Drone Valley Community Brewery, which itself donates profits to local good causes.

Dronfield, Derbyshire

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Reasons for signing

  • we need it to meet and socialize !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  • It is a very important community asset that should not just be pushed aside for a quick money making scheme. Emotions run high in the local community so both Ayeshas and the new business would be boycotted by the major of local residents.
  • A great Dronfield pub. Part of our town.


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