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To: South Gloucester Council

Save the Trees of Little Stoke

Save the Trees of Little Stoke

We would like for South Gloucester Council to find an alternative to felling the trees and hedges of Gipsy Patch Lane for the sake of a Metro Bus.

Why is this important?

Our Trees and hedgerows are precious to us, they are characteristic of the area having been here for a very long time. Since Covid-19 hit there is even less need for a new bus, our roads In the stokes and surrounding areas at rush hour are practically empty and the busses that do run have even less passengers than before.

Our hedgerows thrive with small birds and other wildlife. Where will they go? If the trees and hedges are removed there will be nowhere. This is not the behaviour we would expect of a local authority in an area so caring about its wildlife and trees.

We question whether there’s even a need for this bus, the COVID-19 crisis is predicted to last years not months, what a huge waste of local council tax payer’s money. Surely our money could be better spent helping small businesses and families rebuild and adjust to our new post lockdown normal.

How it will be delivered

We will be delivering it to our local parish council, the Metrobus project team, plus the South Gloucester planning department. They have all had a hand in these poorly consulted decisions. I am in the process of setting up meetings to deliver the petition. We will also email and post this petition to ensure that we are heard.

Bristol BS34, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Because of the wildlife, why would you pull down trees
  • Trees and hedgerows are so important for our declining native wildlife


2020-09-06 20:59:12 +0100

We are now live on facebook with a page to follow our progress and messages about our campaign, if you have a minute please press like and share, as a group we’re stronger, let’s work together!

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