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To: Hertsmere Borough Council

SAVE THE TREES on Ely Gardens WD6

SAVE THE TREES on Ely Gardens WD6

Please do not cut our trees!
Please always consider wildlife and nature prior your planning decisions and developments!
Please listen and respect the voice of your society!

Why is this important?

There used to be 6 trees, long ago. They must have been regularly removed to make space for parking. Only three left, one of which was cut last year(2018) without notice or consultation. We’ve acted quickly and managed to save the two still standing. We were told the removal was made in error. We were given an apology and promissed by the Town Mayor last year, that they wont be removed. This year we’ve learned that the council is planning to fell these anyway. Reason given to some residents, are occurance of cracks in one of the house, and the trees are suspected cause. If any of you know the subject/ or is a specialist in the field, you know there is a lot to be done to find the real cause. If they are indeed the real risk/reason for the issue there are many ways around it, including tree root barier, regular heavy tree pruning etc. We questioned it all and ask for answers, but had no information given in response.
Therefore we are campaigning to stop the action and save the trees.
Oak trees on Ely gardens are over 100 years old.
They were here long before these houses were built. They are home to variety of wildlife, including bats, that we have seen.
These trees are a positive force to the environment, cleaning our air, providing shade, nest and perching for birds.
Councils should do all that it takes to keep those healthy old trees, and should have very strong evidence against them before order for tree felling! These informations should be available to all local residents to assure us that every step has been taken and options explored before making such drastic decision -to cut these amazing trees!
Please help us with our petition.
We’re too fighting for the principle!
The way forward is for a nice habitable breathable less polluted environment, we need our trees, and more should be planted, nurtured and kept for generations to come, not destroyed to make way for more parking spaces. We believe there is a way to have both! Please help us by signing the petition in your support to save these trees.
Thank you.

Borehamwood WD6

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Reasons for signing

  • 100 year old oak trees are precious and should be preserved. And we need more trees not less to combat climate change
  • I have signed because we need to protect our trees, they are important.
  • Oak Trees are important habitats for hundreds of creatures. Cutting them down is pure vandalism.


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