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To: Royal London and Disney

Save the Twentieth Century Fox Sign in Soho Square

Save the Twentieth Century Fox Sign in Soho Square

Preserve this historic sign which has stood over Soho Square since 1937. Do not destroy it. The Cinema Museum has offered to provide a home for it. The sign was removed over the weekend of 28/29 November 2020. Disney has already damaged the building by forcibly removing other signage that links the words "20th Century" with the word "Fox" which they no longer want to be associated with because of Fox News in the US. Information on the building and the application to demolish it is on the Soho Society's website.

Why is this important?

Soho's connections with the UK film industry run deep and this sign an important historical artefact linking Soho with that industry going back many decades. Damage has already been done to the now unoccupied building on the south side of Soho Square with Royal London failing to protect this historic building and allowing it to fall into disrepair so that it can pursue its plans for demolition.

Soho, London, UK

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