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To: Dudley councillors, don’t destroy this vital lifeline

Save the Unicorn Centre from closure

Please don’t destroy this vital support lifeline to the most severely disabled people in Dudley borough and their family carers. This is a vital service providing independent living skills,travel training enabling them to use public transport independently. Employment training is also on offer to these people enabling them to work and earn their own money and enabling them to feel they are equal members of society and improve their confidence and mental wellbeing and self esteem and may lead to them living independently in the future. Provides valuable respite to family carers who are unpaid and enables them to carry on their caring roles. If the unicorn centre was closed down the council will be faced with more pressures on budgets to fund social care as well as destroying family life and could lead to illness in the family carers which means they could no longer provide 24/7 care without this valuable resource.

Why is this important?

To fight for the rights of family carers and disabled people who are trying to get the best out of life for themselves and their loved ones enabling their loved ones to gain independence and a valuable break from caring for the family enabling them to have a well deserved break
Dudley, UK

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