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To: Stockport MBC

Save The Vale 2013

This campaign has ended.

Save The Vale 2013

Reddish and Brinnington and many visitors to Reddish Vale Country Park are demanding that the council drop the plans to sell off part of Reddish Vale Country Park, which was given Country Park status in only 2002 after many battles to preserve this beautiful countryside that lies between two of the most deprived wards in Stockport. This is shown as part of Phase 3 on the Brinnington Regeneration Plan that few people have seen and the description of the land is deliberately inaccurate because it is described as adjacent to the Country Park. It is inside the CP boundary.

Why is this important?

It is Public Open Space and, by law, the proposed sell-off should have been the first proposal to be publicised. Even the councillors were not told until all the following decisions were made.The area in question is recognised on the council's own documentation in 2002 as "A Site of Importance to Nature" also as "the least disturbed woodland in the entire Country Park"
The Country Park Boundary (set by Stockport MBC) was conceived and made public to make sure that the urban sprawl did not ruin the Country Park and to conserve wildlife and places of importance to Nature. If such concepts are obsolete in less than eleven years , what hope is there for our children?

How it will be delivered

We have already delivered 8,500 of 13,700 signatures to Full Council but, as yet, we have received no official acknowledgement. As we get more signatures online, we will publish those as well. We will be delivering the online signatures to Fred Perry House on Friday 10th October at 11 am.

Reddish Vale Country Park

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Reasons for signing

  • Brownfield sites are everywhere in greater Manchester!! With an average age of less than 30 years old, and a booming population in this demographic, surely we can be converting old factory buildings into modern apartments to secure the needs of the growing population before we start encroaching on green belt areas for more family homes?
  • This green spaces need to be protected. Affordable housing schemes shouldn't be allowed to encroach on the park as it will have a lasting negative effect bringing overcrowding to these areas. Its described as 'underused' incorrectly. Its being used every day by people who enjoy the safety and serenity of the area. We don't need more dogs being poisoned by people living on this park thinking that it belongs to them now!!! Its a nature park, not a developers back garden!!
  • fed up of developers raping our country


2013-08-27 12:04:02 +0100

5,000 signatures reached

2013-08-19 21:29:02 +0100

The next meeting we will attend is the Full Council Meeting on 12th September. There will be a number of people coming along to try to find out why this decision was made after 3 years being planned without anyone, even local councillors , being told what was going on. Why were councillors who are not elected by anyone in Brinnington or Reddish determined to sell off Country Park land that falls between those two wards and is enjoyed by everyone who visits The Vale.

2013-08-09 16:05:23 +0100

We went to last night's meeting at the Town Hall and proved that a proper consultation had not taken place. You need lots of bodies when attending a meeting. If you don't have that they think that it is the same old campaigners. However, the local councillors admitted that they had been fooled by the incorrect information. The administration were still adamant that they were acting correctly. It is up to us to prove this wrong.

2013-08-09 15:55:42 +0100

Last night's meeting at the Town Hall gave the administration a taste of democracy. They claimed that a thorough consultation had been carried out but this was unanimously refuted by the members of the public who were present. It was standing room only again and the same questions were asked. Local councillors admitted that the documents were misleading and that they had been misled. This is a major step forward because the information was absolutely incorrect. Stockport Council have a case to answer

2013-07-24 21:34:17 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

2013-07-24 19:14:50 +0100

500 signatures reached

2013-07-24 17:27:36 +0100

100 signatures reached

2013-07-24 14:14:05 +0100

50 signatures reached

2013-07-24 09:42:34 +0100

On our paper petition we now have 4,648 signatures in. There are many sheets out in the two communities and the beauty of this site is that we can keep on raising awareness among local peoploe who can turn up at meetings. This is vital to show councillors that we are not going to let our Vale be eaten away by "nibbling away" as John says.

2013-07-23 21:32:12 +0100

25 signatures reached

2013-07-23 10:12:04 +0100

10 signatures reached

2013-07-22 17:08:17 +0100

We have 4,400 signatures on paper in and counted and we are scanning them all.

building - Reddish Vale Country Park

Housing Planned For Reddish Vale Country Park There is a video of the area in question speeded up.
In the woodland there are roe deer badgers, foxes, owls etc and their habitat would be completely ruined.