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To: Helen Stephenson CBE, Charity Commission

Save the Victoria Hall

Save the Victoria Hall

Stop Ealing Council disposing of property owned and governed by a charitable trust. The Victoria Hall was created as a community amenity, to accommodate meetings, concerts, exhibitions, celebrations and award ceremonies etc. It has served the residents of Ealing for 125 years and was paid for by public subscription. It should not be put into the hands of commercial hotel developers, whose management cannot, by definition, be in the interests of the intended beneficiaries..

Why is this important?

The Victoria Hall and ancillary space, including the Prince's Hall directly below it, is not the Council's to dispose of: it belongs to the people of Ealing, who have benefited from its facilities since the 1890s. It is wrong that part of this Grade II-listed building should be demolished and the whole of the charitable trust area be subsumed into a hotel. The intended swap of the Prince's Hall with the Queen's Hall - smaller, and some distance away - would deprive the Victoria Hall of the services it needs to function as a public venue. There is no other community space left in central Ealing. The deal between Council and developers should not be allowed to proceed.

London Borough of Ealing

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Reasons for signing

  • The Scheme aims to meet the needs of Ealing Council and not the objectives of the original donors, which was to provide a Hall for benefit of the people of Ealing Victoria Hall is to be disposed of on a 250 year lease to a private hotel operator and will not be preserved for community use.
  • Objections to Hotel Proposal: 1. Contrary to the original 1880s deed that the land (and other land) be used only for local government/municipal purposes. 2. Contrary to Trust Deed of 1893 when public subscription was raised to build a Hall for Ealing's public usage. 3. Proposal also includes a hideous black-bricked extension totally out of character with the Listed Buildings in the Ealing Town Centre Conservation Area.
  • I grew up in Ealing and I feel very strongly that this wonderful building must be kept in its entirety for the community. Ealing does not need a hotel; it needs amenities for the local people which the Town Hall has provided for many decades. Long may it continue to do so.


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