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To: Will Quince MP or his successor

Save The Wick

Save The Wick

Remove Middlewick Ranges from the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) list of MOD land for sale as housing development.

Why is this important?

Middlewick Ranges (The Wick) have never been built on. Their extensive - and nationally declining - grassland and other habitats support protected birds and nationally scarce species including beetles, butterflies, moths, bats, snakes, lizards, mammals and plants. Local people - mainly from council estates - have walked The Wick for leisure, research and relaxation for 100 years or more.

How it will be delivered

By hand

Middlewick Ranges, Colchester, Essex

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Reasons for signing

  • This isn't about housing, it is about money - Colchester and surrounding areas are being ruined by unsustainable and inappropriate housing- this government cares nothing for the local flora and fauna or for the wellbeing of its citizens - good luck to you
  • A place for dog walkers and nature. No more damned houses!!!
  • Save it Please, Colchester needs this green space.


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